Interactive creative director of the bohemian left DayZ


Construction frustrates DayZfrom the expected output, instead of the news of the news of separation came. Working as a creative director in the game , Brian Hicks; producer Studio Bohemian Interactiveannounced.

An open world survival game the news came from a separation DayZ

Bohemian Interactive, indicating that it is finished with the Brian Hicks, the construction process wasn’t easy, but the update said she was excited to 63 bohemian interactive and DayZ construction team said goodbye. DayZ already quite lengthy, which is a very important place in the process of construction production is the creative director of the Chair when it is empty of question marks for the future of the game the formation was inevitable. The process of developing DayZ continues. Finally .63 update in the testing phase. According to a statement from bohemian interactive the wing, it was stated that this update has come quite a long way. However, a game like DayZ, every update, things other things to deteriorate when correcting a team, players it’s safe to say that expectations from DayZ is reduced with each passing day. In the past months in the year 2018 according to information from the incoming DayZ of early access is expected to be.