Intel then AMD 32-core processor move has arrived!


Computex 2018 at the event yesterday, Intel made by 28-core processor shortly after the announcement of AMD on the side, this year, 32-core processor announced it was launching to users liking.

Two different AMD Processor Model

Technology giants Intel and AMD, the competition between them gradually began to escalate. 28 shortly after the announcement yesterday by Intel Core processor with AMD in Computex 2018 in the event the second generation Threadripper CPU’s has announced that it will be released in the third quarter of the year. Also, AMD one core 24 and 48 threaded, the other core 32 and 64 threaded two different model displayed to users.

Technology giant Intel introduces the Processor after AMD’s move on the side by making his own move. The company’s second-generation Core processor architecture by using Threadripper part of the business has doubled the number of notes. Thus, two different users at the same time take care of business and can handle the most demanding jobs. In the third quarter of the year, new models will have a place in the market in the fall. But about the prices of processors by AMD yet.

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