Intel introduced the technology which accelerates your PC Optane


Intel may day meeting held at Hyatt century hotel 15, Optane information about the technology and the details shared with the press. Intel meeting the META-zone retail sales director Reza Ali Small and Intel’s client computing in the EMEA region Marketing Director Hans Jürgen Werner when you join during the meeting was held with the demo Optane deneyimlendi technology and performance superiority of important findings emerged.

Intel Optane How does it work?

At the meeting, Ali riza who spoke first, Small, and in Turkish IT market Intel’s when sharing information about the situation in Turkey, the Intel new in the restructuring process, beyond being a manufacturer of only one processor, information in every aspect of the process expressed that they had become a company with a presence platform. More than 10 million in Turkey over the age of 5 that is in use on the computer, little bit about what could cause a significant potential in this kind of situation, Intel also said they would close with the growth increment for the first quarter of the year.

Bilgisayarınızı hızlandıran Intel Optane teknolojisi tanıtıldı

He was little, after speaking with Werner, Hans Jürgen Optane shared the details of technology. Optane Intel, SSD is basically a technology, on the other hand, thanks to the Intel drive memory, the system DRAM is used as. Modules with capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB, while providing a noticeable performance increase, Optane , users without sacrificing high storage capacity of the disk are able to increase the rate considerably .

At the end of the meeting, Optane Intel technology deneyimlenir when Optane equipped with technology and conventional hard disks with SATA SSD installed computer systems and applications and equivalents compared optane distinguished between the rate of opening of the performance showed.

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