Insurgency tactical battle game: Sandstorm will be shown at E3


Focus Home Interactive and new world Interactive, which is suited to the development of tactical first-person war game Insurgency: sandstorm of new footage at E3 2018will be shown in

Tactical FPS Insurgency war game: Sandstorm will be shown at E3 2018

The tactical battle game that was announced last year in Insurgency: sandstorm of E3 stated that the presentation would be in 2018. Insurgency, especially PC gamers fondly played the tactical aspect of love the type of players who played for a long time. PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one in 2018 expected to arise in the year of Insurgency: Sandstorm 4-person co-op in story mode will be playable or only one. In the game, character customization features that can be called for the air strikes with helicopters and drones will be there with tools that we can use. Unreal 4 was developed with newly developed weapons in the game with the destructible environment with realistic physics system The response is expected to be more likely. The maps will be found in the game that will be quite large. Insurgency: sandstorm grade possible matches. Publisher at New World interactive’s official Twitch, Alex blonsky according to the information it provides won’t be in the game as in games such as BF yikilabilirlik smaller objects will be more doors, and the game’s E3 will be introduced in 2018.