Infinity war, started by the record breaking opening of all time for


Last week, in our country the entire world along with released Avengers: Infinity War‘s was expected to break the record, and this expectation is amply met. In conjunction with the movie release of all time managed to break the opening record.

The Avengers: Infinity War was released, a record-breaking

The Avengers: Infinity War‘s domestic as in America stated that 250 million dollars so grossed out. That performs the best opening of all time along with revenue so this movie star wars: the force Awakens‘I also has left behind. The record of the previous owner, Star Wars: the force Awakens, managed to achieve revenue of $ 248 million in its opening weekend.

According to the news of box office Turkey, the film records is not limited to only America. On a day when the show is Friday, the opening day in Turkey capturing the best foreign language film with people 244.363 Infinity War, with $ 630 million across the globe fast and furious 8‘S 541 million of proceeds also has left behind. The most important factor here is fast and furious 8‘together with the proceeds of this figure in China. Infinity War not to let my show in China yet though fast and furious 8‘record has passed. The movie probably will play the top positions in the most-watched movie of all time.