Infinity is viewed in Turkey during the first week of the war?


The Avengers: Infinity War, how about viewed in Turkey? yet a week after the $ 1 billion threshold based on the $ 2 billion is expected to go a comfortable way to Avengers: Infinity War, had managed to set many records in conjunction with the release of. The opening film of Marvel who obtained the best records of the last grenade, as predicted in the country reached a pretty good attendance.

The Avengers: Infinity War, is viewed in Turkey?

Box office of Turkey, we look at the numbers The Avengers: Infinity War, we see that he’s being watched by the person during the first week of full 1.11254.65421. 389 Hall released, and despite being a foreign film, the movie which made a pretty good landing, the top of TL 16 million in conjunction with these figures has left behind. 683.075 people managed to reach into the film screened in the first 3 days.

The film’s international revenue continues to increase as expected. 9 905.1 million dollars grossed out at the end of the day, the film, these figures, along with Spider-Man 3 ($891M), Spider-Man: the Homecoming ($880M), Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice ($874M) and guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($854M) of films like the total proceeds has already passed.