In Turkey, a great luxury to be able to play the game anymore


At the entrance of Turkey in the first post because I want to emphasize again play the game really great is a luxury. Autographed Rockstar Games, especially Red Dead Redemption 2‘S pre-order price on the relevant platforms in both social media and with the emergence of many debates began to emerge. A few years ago, 180 TL, the price of not much more than last year’s game, 220, 250 TL out from being stunned, now feeling sorry after the game prices 400, 500 close to. So to get almost 1/4 of the minimum wage Game 1% (mean 25% we need to spend. There are countries much more expensive from us, of course, but when we look abroad, the overall rate is much more painful. In European countries the minimum wage of 3% to 4% at a rate of the game can be received. But what are the reasons for this and, more importantly, where is this going?

Why are games so expensive?

First point, let’s go down to the source of the problem, and afterwards, to the solution already and said, “Why is it so expensive?” we will consider such situations. In our country the luxury of playing the game is to say that the most important reason, of course, of taxation, according to him. Sales of consoles or games related to the game so it’s not a normal tax arrangement through accessories. All these products are also available for applications at a certain rate of excise duty. So, the moment you walked through customs, we already have the players you could say we’re backwards, falling 1-0 in Turkey. The celallenmey it rightand show just how expensive the Tax the prices in this game, of course, we’re not going to defend. The first reason is only at the beginning more then like I said, we’ll go with the results.

Türkiye'de oyun oynayabilmek artık büyük bir lüks

Another factor, and perhaps most important, however, fluctuations in foreign currencies. $ 4.60 at the level of Euro 5, the TL already left behind in this era, we see a steady rise in games naturally. Considering that our country were included in the euro Europe, the prices are naturally more climbs. When we look at the company the game as it is in any way advantageous to the profit margin of companies that offer custom campaigns that do not touch is also available. So, some firms drop in the rate of profit and the price to pull back a certain percentage of the game can work. In spite of this, say, by 40% – 50% with some companies who profit whatever happens, this decline in profit margin, or do not prefer to play. Of course, in spite of this there are some holes even in a rough account of what we did and now let’s look at this let.

Considering that game prices when calculating 60 to 70 euros, and roughly 5 x 60 = 300 we conclude. Taxes to the prices, more or less this way. Well, we are calculated from 60 euros the price for it? If you bought the game right when we went on a trip abroad so okay, that way maybe we have fallen from the tax. When looking at the other side of the coin but other countries have already sold 60 units of profit from this product? Of course they do. So big they make money from game sales channels distributors or 60 units already sold this product. We make over 60 units of this account why do we have to? Or in other words, these games why do they come to our country with 60 units? We are the players then what’s the point of being a broker?

Türkiye'de oyun oynayabilmek artık büyük bir lüks

Given the games, where’s the money going?

Game sales, as with other products, of course, there’s dozens. Especially in our country. Still when we do rough calculations, and when we look at the data from before, the following result is revealed; given the volume of production to 60%, maybe 45 to 50% goes directly to the publishers. So, 2K Games, Bethesda, EA Games, Sony , or Ubisoft , the share of companies such as the on average around. Volume 60% 20 – 25 companies parakendeci when you go to on average 10 to 15% or so of the games you played any PlayStation, Xbox or steam platforms such as. All of this varies from firm to firm, let’s say that evil is not final and that oranlarla. And for the rest 15% – 20% where is it going?

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