In the new game Lara Croft Double guns


New Tomb Raider before the games, Lara Croft may we ask you what is identified with, I think a lot of gamers, Lara Croft dual pistols will give you the answer to. Along with the renewed Lara Croft’s adventures, fans of the series waited for double the time that a gun would get their hands on Lara Croft, but were disappointed. Apparently this is a letdown, will continue for a while longer.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider dual pistols it won’t be in the shadow of the

Official Xbox magazine‘what, speaking in the shadow of Tomb Raider‘s Director dan Gibson, didn’t think of such a thing yet in the new trilogy they stated, to a question “No, I don’t want anything like that,” responded by saying. “Definitely new Lara two pistols in hand and dressed in short shorts and bikini we won’t. We know that a double weapon is special. I’m not saying a thing for the future, but this will be Lara’s signature weapon for the trilogy that uses the bow.”

Apparently Lara’s hand a double weapon gets, the more determined to keep secret the next games, producer team. In September, the tomb of Shadow Raider14 PS4, Xbox one, and PC, I predict that there will be