In Russia PUBG murder!


According to Moscow police, in order to understand something of the feelings of the real murder of Maximov carried out this action. The person who commits the murder, the young woman he followed after taking money from bankomat, and stabbed at the first opportunity. If Evdokimov, died at the scene.

With a kitchen knife playerunknown’s Battlegrounds so PUBG favorite computer game named who wants a repeat performance of a scenario it is not the intention of killing the murderer actually says. On the other hand, a voice from within is not what you said it should be done. Also a person always wants to see how sick a person is killed by his own hand are saying that makes that clear.

The party scene from 30 thousand rubles he fled when the police saw him and started in pursuit, but lost. Then watched the cameras and mobile phone signals Maximov, playing house pubg caught in a choke hold.

Allegations that violent Video Games lead to negative behaviors in teenagers once again, hopefully the last of this event will be exact.

:: What’s your opinion on the right to violent Video Games influence behavior?

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