In days gone won’t be able to change the difficulty level


Syphon Filter series is familiar with Sony’s bend Studio‘s developed by PlayStation 4e special game Days in gone you will not be able to change the difficulty level. Gone are the days of 1 hour long gameplay video published. Looking at the gameplay video posted, some users was under the impression that you had the option to change the difficulty of the game. The question mark in the minds of the players, the production company was eliminated by Sony’s bend Studio. Different difficulty levels in the game Sony bend has confirmed.

In days gone will not be available the option to change difficulty

The making of gone days the process still continues. According to new information from the producer team, the game won’t have the option to change the difficulty. According to a statement from the producer team, the game itself is already quite difficult, in the excitement of being easy to kill, and the difficulty attempted to be a positive influence on the experience of the players stated. Anyway, post-apocalyptic survival in itself quite a challenging process, by checking an option in the game explained why the absence of difficulty. Let’s show how this decision will affect the mechanics of the game. 2019 days gone in the year of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro is expected to exit.