In Battlefield 5 you will be able to use real money


That confronts players with a new promotion in the past days, 5 Battlefield interesting information continues to come about. New information that is described according to Battlefield 5We will be able to use real money in the game. Premium currency in Battlefield 5 that will be specified., we are able to convert the currency to real money. Cosmetic featured in the game with this currency, we are able to access the contents.

Battlefield 5 will be used in real money

Battlefield 5 will be quite a lot of customization of cosmetic products in parallel, we can say that it would place too much in the game. Besides, in the game lootbox also noted that the system would be confronted in a different way. Battlefront 2‘S, unlike toolboxlar found in Battlefield 5, will host only cosmetic products. Also most Battlefield games Premium Pass the lack of the system in the new game, players delights.

Later in the game that will be released is expected to be presented in a manner that all the content is free. Let’s DICE in the game like what new surprises the team has prepared. Floating structure in the sense of individuality and team play gameplay new Battlefield, probably still in the sense of sales, will remain under the Call Of Duty.