Imagine a group of Dragons, is coming to Turkey for the concert this time!


The first truly global Radioactive Introducing themselves with the song Imagine Dragons, 2018 September 2, is coming to Turkey. Evolve: World Tour travelling around the world within the scope of the team Turkey, this time they haven’t forgotten. Who will give a concert in Turkey for the first time Imagine Dragons has fascinated thousands of people waiting for. Kucukciftlik Parkspecial concert which will be held in a stage show that will be performed is estimated. If you want to get tickets for the gig, Biletixedebili visit.

Imagine Dragons, will give a concert in Turkey on September 2

Imagine Dragons grubu, konser için bu sefer Türkiye'ye geliyor!

The Group has put in are the songs,

“All Eyes”
“All For You”
“Battle Cry”
“Bleeding Out”
“Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)”
“Clouds” varies
“Cover Up”
“The curse”
“Dancing in the dark”
“Every Night”
“The fallen”
The “friction”
“You Hear Me”
“Hopeless Opus”
“I Bet My Life”
“I Don’t Know Why”
“I Don’t Mind”
“I Need You In A Minute”
“I Was Me”
“I’ll make it up to You”
“Im So Sorry”
“It Comes Back To You”
“It’s Time”
“Leave Me”
“Living Musical”
“Look How Far We’ve Come”
“Lost Cause”
“The mouth of the river”
“My Fault”
“Next to me”
“Not Today”
“Nothing Left To Say”
“On top of the world”
“Pistol Whip”
“Radioactive (Remix)”
“Ready Aim Fire”
“Rise Up”
“Round and round”
“Second Chances”
“Smoke and mirror’s”
“Speak to me”
“Start Over”
“The Fall”
“The Pit
“The River”
“The Unknown”
“30 Lives”
“The underdog”
“Walking the wire”
“Whatever It Takes”
“Who We Are”
“Working Man”

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