If you are a Twitter user, you may need to reset your password


On social media platforms Facebook , which is one of the most used applications along with Twitter, about 330 million user passwords in plain text after a computer error showing on users to renew their passwords recommend.

The error is solved, but still it is recommended to renew the password

Twitter in a blog post recently solved the error that was detected an error in the internal record that stores passwords, but that is not a symptom that is related to violations or abuse in their reviews, still being careful where it is used by all the service recommended that the password be changed in he stated.

Fortunately, Twitter, and realized the mistake early on and it solved itself. Facebook the repercussions of the scandal is still going on while the event is a security violation and abuse on Twitter after the use of the difference was probably a much worse scenario we could have experience with. For now we don’t have any evidence of misuse related to, and probably won’t be a thing to go as your password. However, considering such issues we might encounter, take precautions and always a more sensible move would be.

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