I was forced because I was a ballet dancer in the construction of the death stranding


Hideo Kojima‘s eagerly anticipated new game Death, Stranding, is located in the famous actor Mads Mikkelseninteresting comments came from. Successful actor Mikkelsen, the game’s motion capture is enforced whether during the shoot, dance, and Ballet experience in the shots of the work in it is quite easy to make, he said.

Thanks to my ballet for 10 years experience, trouble shooting

Successful actor Mads Mikkelsen, the question that is asked in an interview found on the recently interesting comments. Death stranding to take part in your final project, what’s it like working with hideo Kojima? Does it look like to work in the movies? shaped on the question, the famous actor Mikkelsen; dance history, especially the game’s motion capture is quite helpful during the shoot for himself, the ballet 10 years of experience in the shooting stated that it is important to make it easy to do difficult moves. Kojima is a very unique experience working with Mikkelsen transfers, it certainly is an experience incomparable with traditional cinema, he said. Apparently Kojima in the management of action-packed scenes is waiting for us.

Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen Li stranding staff the highly anticipated death in 2018 a new video will be shown at E3. The game release date is not yet known.