Huawei is developing a smart player time!


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent listed by “smart wearable device, wearable device and a control method for the same” named. Meanwhile, the Company this patent reference 15 December 2017 has made in the history of let’s say. Also Huawei, in China in the years of 2015 and 2016, similar reference, too. If the preceding is the last reference that were placed on the improvements focused on seems.

According to the description, Huawei, applied before the strap with the use of intelligent Clock control seems to have adopted the method. On the other hand, by customizing this method, completely focused on the game to be brought in first.

The strap on each side of the mechanical sensors and touch regions, scrolling and long press gestures can be activated by. Also the watch strap, the virtual keyboard will take on the task of. This left half the right half of the virtual keyboard on the strap will take place. Users have access to all the characters, and scroll up or down movements will have to do. Touch, scroll, pull, shake, push-like movements that would be assigned to each of the different functions stated.

In addition, users smart the player the clockin certain hours when placed on a surface of the ni or arms tactics will also offer different uses. During the game, strap, same as a game controller as routing keys and control keys will work as. Take a Selfie, to zoom in or out, the text copy , and can be carried out with a lot more straps.

The smart player released by Huawei can be applied when the clock regrettably for the moment there is no information about that.

:: Huawei smart player’s time-related about work what are your thoughts?

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