How many total units sold around the world, the Metal Gear Solid series?


In the past year 30. leaving a year behind Metal Gear Solid series is mentioned with the sensation name in recent years also, if hideo Kojima‘s departure until the series has been one of the most prominent in the gaming industry. According to the information transfers to Informer Metal Gear, the Metal Gear Solid series, so far around the world 53.8 million copies and reached the number of sales.

The Metal Gear Solid series reached the number of sales of 53.8 million copies across the globe

In recent years, Konami and the Metal Gear Solid series from the very positive to hear this news now to mind when thinking Konami just give up and cancelled games as it sounds, brands in the hands of the company, Konami is still making money and it looks like it will. According to Konami’s financial statements, 1987with the brand since the Metal Gear Solid games so far, a total of 53.8 million units, the number of sales reached. This, of course, for sale in recent months, Survive Metal Gear is not included. After departure Kojima’s Konami, without Kojima Metal Gear game. The company says that Metal Gear survive made, but by the players survival-type game was very well received.