How many last will be the game that opens the gates of hell agony


Madrid Studios‘reputation has developed, the gates of hell opens wide that a horror game Agonyplayers in 7 different endings will be able to experience. Agony highly anticipated horror game, the console versions in the last few weeks that applies to censorship with was on the agenda.

A horror game called agony, unfortunately, fell victim to censorship

Agony will have seven different endings. You will discover all of them? #Agony game #UE4 #indie game #horror #gamedev #developer download

— Agony (@Agony Of The Game) May 2, 2018

7 different agony will be the last time

Last week, in Madrid, the production company Studios of the game, 12 hours of gameplay time that it was announced. It will take a few hours to finish the game the last of agony in hell? Yesterday agony’s official Twitter account by sharing a tweet from the players “in 7 different agony will be the last time. Are you ready to explore them all?” in the form of a question. Thus, this question, along with us to the end of that expects 7 agony became clear. Agony PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one for 29 May will be released on. In the game Turkish subtitles support. Nearing the exit of the game,