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Horror game recently released and eagerly anticipated Agony‘s review scores are published. We see that when you look at the score of the game is very disappointing. Who have difficulty in meeting the expectations of the most criticized point of the game, the mechanics. Not resting on a proper Foundation in the mechanical sense, it looks like he took a low score for this reason. Amnesia series and Alien Isolation‘s rival, the Agony, at the same time, is not sufficient in terms of horror elements.

Agony review scores

Uncensored censored in a way that all platforms in a way there is no way to play the construction. Agony story, which is probably mediocre in terms of sales the developers will be enough. Kickstarter project, which was realized through the construction of the required platforms appeared on the console by finding sponsors. On the technical side, Unreal Engine 4 is shown as the only good part of the game based on realistic skins and voices. At the end of the Day, let’s players, you’d like to agony?

– Merlin’s Boiler 35
– Everye.79 it
– 70 Eurogamer Italy
– Hooked Gamers 65
– 3DJuegos 50
– IGN 40
– Game Informer 35
– GameSpot 30
– Twinfinite 30

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