Honor for the weekend, it’s free!


Players 3 May – 6 May will be able to try the game for dates between the medal free of charge. In the game 18 characters, servers, PvP, PvE and story modes to full access , you could be entitled to.

Good news if you love the game a a discount with your library, you can add honor. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming console for owners of May 3-15 between the dates of 67 percent discount will be offered. PC for a 75 percent discount on 3 May will start on. Discount Uplay platform on May 8 and the Steam platform to work on May 7 will end on.

With introductions received great attention, but has Server problems, the failed match matches and micro payments because of the response from the users, seeing a serious player in the game was lost. Then customized servers, new game modes and Starter Edition versions was an attempt to rescue the situation.

Existing players for the honor training program Warrior (Warrior training program) is also returning this weekend. With this program, those who have the game and the game who do not have a partner and together will be able to match at least 5. After the completion of this match the players, 2 weeks for the refurbished champion (champion) you can obtain the status of. After each game the players with this situation more XP and crate will be able to obtain. Also, for the game 8,000 steel not to mention.

For Honor nedir? Nasıl oynanır? #1

For what is honor? How to play? #1

How we can honor. How easily we can turn the mechanics of the game to our advantage? Our guide finds the answer for all these things honor. Normal video will be live broadcasting some of this some of our videos. Forget to mention that you’re curious in your comments. Honor for Honor for the flavor of the publication Guide to the review! Twitch, of course, is not limited to honor for our publications. Now the Weekly Monday and Wednesday days …

As someone who has played the game a long time, also note that I wish I could be as I’ve quite enjoyed.

:: You will benefit from the opportunity to honor will be offered for free on the weekend?

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