Hollow knigh loved metroidvania game got a new update


2D metroidvania action game Hollow Knight’s, the long-awaited update Lifeblood becomes accessible. Developer Team Cherry’s statement game according to Steam or GOG Galaxy through the field of players to buy the games automatically update your Lifeblood will download.

Added new bosses to the game with the update

The update from the game, along with boss in the game is also updated, and the current bosses outside of the game, are added to the new boss said. At the same time, which is very complex in the structure map for the players missing the game, good news came. With the new update, you will be able to put custom map markers to the desired point on the map. Along with the new update, bugs fixed and extra features added to the game also was a team it was stated that. Hollow Knight’s third and final free DLC Pack, Gods & glory of the coming months is expected.

Departing 24 February for the PC in 2017, Team cherry’s Hollow Knight developed, the game has garnered the appreciation of love. Hollow Knight’s third and final expansion pack Gods & glory to the trailer’s announcement, you can browse to the following video.