Hitman: the definitive Edition release date been announced


In 2016, the Hitmanwent to a change in the series, and agent 47-The view has changed, and the game sections was presented. From the exit by IO interactive, the game was supported with new content, the upcoming Hitman: the definitive Edition special version with agent 47 again returns to operation. IO interactive, by posting a trailer for an output of the past days, Hitman: the definitive Edition release date shared with the gamers.

Hitman the definitive Edition release date announced

Hitman: the definitive Edition, the main game , as well as new quests, new costumes and weapons, and new contracts will take place. Kane & Lynch, freedom fighters inspired by games such as new costume options and many extra content, also Hitman: the definitive Edition will take place. The new Special Edition Release Date May 18 designated as. By reducing the change in the new Hitman game series into sections, especially in terms of the assassination missions can be done in many different ways was appreciated by game lovers. However, the partition, the partition is processed, the structure of the story, on the other hand, was causing her to be too distant from the story. Hitman: the definitive edition, the release of the trailer you can watch below.