Hitman: sniper Assassin graded by the Board of Korea


Korean and Australian ratings board, Hitman: sniper Assassin new Hitman game that is named were evaluated. Although we can’t know more knowledge about the new game, the assessment of the developer IO interactive confirms that the information carried out by a hitman for today’s game platforms.

New Hitman game is coming?

CEO of developer IO interactive ‘s Hakan Abrak, 2017 in the team’s new Hitman game announced they were working on. Under construction exciting new features of the new Hitman game that is included with various privileges and at the same time I was told. Also the game is expected to be officially announced this year. As you know consoles and PCfrom the latest Hitman game was released in 2016. The game carries the distinction of being the sixth game in the Hitman series, Agent 47 ‘s adventures available to players in sections.

Hitman: sniper Assassin is working on the new Hitman game is the developer of the game, and whether at the same time, the mobile devices, Hitman: Sniper is the sequel to the game we don’t know yet whether. Let’s see in the coming period, Agent 47, what kind of developments will there be?