Hideo Kojima working on a new video stranding Death


Stranding Death‘s E3 will be released in 2018, which the fiction of the video, hideo Kojima‘s doing. In 2018, this year’s E3, it appears that it will still be very active. Recently , in 2018 what games Sony’s E3 was leaked to the internet that would introduce. Kojima’s one of them now anticipated game gameplay footage Video, Death Stranding. Stranding a video from the future is no longer certain death.

Kojima entrusted to stranding death new video

The image of gameplay, but we don’t know, the plot of this video we know the Metal Gear Solid series from Hideo Kojima,we know that s did it himself. Instagram and twitter are very active in a way that uses the name. Note that the share under the photo he wrote; “in the game, unlike a work of fiction and I can do alone without any stress,” said Kojima to be confronted with a video to see how.Players who loves to Kojima’s surprise again, literally “brain burn” I don’t doubt that she put a video. At the Expo, which will take place on June 12 Stranding except Sony’s death; Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Part 2 The last of us is expected to go up against players with all the latest videos of the games. We share our impression that death would be a game stranding from below you can browse the mechanism.

Stranding Death, how will be present in a game?

 Hideo Kojima Death Stranding'in yeni videosu üzerinde çalışıyor Hideo Kojima Death Stranding'in yeni videosu üzerinde çalışıyor