Hideo Kojima has shared a screenshot from death stranding


Hideo Kojima‘s highly anticipated game Stranding Death‘s new video at E3 2018will be shown. Only a few days now until 2018 E3, the excitement increased, hideo Kojima, the official Twitter account shared a screenshot of death from stranding.

The graphics looks pretty good stranding Death

Stayed quite for a little while now at E3 2018. Announcements of new games and new information unaccounted for a long time the future of games, in-game videos producers usually E3 and Gamescom they prefer to keep to the fair. Death also Stranding one of these games. Death Stranding related to new images, we can say that we are able to see the fair from the fair I even. Hideo Kojima official Twitter account that uses his Instagram quite in an active way and usually around the village to share photos with food photos and loves. Apart from these, although very rare, death stranding shares photos from the motion capture stage shooting. However, as of this day, hideo Kojima made a change stranding and death of a screenshot shared. Decimal engine developed by the moss on a rock in the shared screenshot of the game looks. Especially the rock coverings of algae, details, in addition to herbs it’s pretty close to the truth of the image. Kojima decimal x= from DS, you can browse notes shared with the image below. Let’s get realistic graphics throughout the game can be seen reflected in this screenshot?

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding'ten bir ekran görüntüsü paylaştı