Henceforth, I don’t want to see the story mode in video games


Same goes for a book, movie, or any other like work, Video Games written story modes, a new generation of players began to be gradually shelved to spend money on the video game industry since it began. But in this case as the scapegoat for video game developersor Distributors , we need to show. We are responsible of this situation for the biggest so players. We don’t want anymore because we started to see Video Games in the story mode. Now I don’t want you as a player in the games story mode. So that you have games like that (Bioshock, etc.) are sub-texts to play through a specific world worldview, a philosophy of life even can bring. However, I see anymore games in this genre-S-T-E-A-h-o-r-U-M. All of the stories that led us to think depressing or we got bored, so we’ve been cooped up. Survival mode is already the most difficult elements of life in a crowded city as it is thinking, and I spend yorara by squeezing the head.

In the games story mode does it need to be?

Games now dubstep and just listening to the score by killing the player I want to get across the street. I don’t need to hear a good story. Though how a luxury I can never have and I’m going to die trying to achieve the good life. Nestled in the competition from the moment we are born we are in this life, just makes more sense to spend my valuable time on items in Competitive games. Game developers have to take risks, take show as a big change from even just a tiny little bit and in the end makes me so happy. Trite phrases I’m too happy spending time with it wedged between the games.

In an attempt to show me something different in a scenario that has been studied over the years and instead of seeing a League of Legends Pentakill Jun than getting a bigger I’m getting. As an extra I think even hideo Kojima from the video game world it’s gone, you’re thrown other things. My brother would make a movie? What Are you gonna do? Me already what you want and just leave the game world. Metal Gear Survive‘after I play, “oh bee” I had to say. Years to flatten terrain that frustrates head to explode then run to understand the perfect scenario to collect great stuff and gave me a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Bundan böyle video oyunlarda hikaye modu görmek istemiyorum

The Witcher series is given in the sub-texts I didn’t care about. The ghouls of Monster real or Wraith, etc., not described as mankind itself to me playing the game was too tight. Press SPACEBAR all the talk of wings flapping aimlessly and have to press I discovered that I enjoy more.

In the meantime, otherwise an empty game which is Mass Effect series and existence of synthetic organisms presented in the philosophy of artificial intelligence who likes to listen to? Personally, 18 hours per day battle Royale while I think I have learned a lot more in games. Human being is a uniform micro-payments for virtual spend the money and status to define myself makes more sense. A”virtual status” don’t say it. Rainbow Six Siege’to quit the degree of a diamond 5792 hours I spent. Number 2 broke my eyes, I started carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and my body fit by doing regular exercise, I earned next to my social status that I acquired I opted for a virtual real-life relationships. So, the diamond on the back of a large degree of effort.

Championship that I brought to the stage set aside me now lol My Account is said to affect deeply with the story and Bioshock: Infinite’e I get 15 hours? You don’t need to deceive each other. To consume more of my time so myself and why I gave it 15 hours into an empty game Who am I? Because not to produce and consume what I live for. I get no pleasure from consuming and I’m trying to consume more. I think I’ve spent my time and my money in the right places. Dead Space in the past year the team had their shutters. But after that, I’m sad to see it go a new game like Dead Space. I thought it would be nice to see though. I played the first Dead Space pirate, and I finished. No lie, the atmosphere is nice game. However, why would I buy a game without online mode? The games story mode, who calls yourself a player already just 60 dollars and giving the audience a kind of I haven’t been able to resolve. A knife in counter strike but recently I TL 1378 I gave. TL 1378 should not exceed say, the virtual fits my hand than a knife.

Note: the irony here is written the true meaning of what is written is not to be construed.