Hearts of iron IV has sold one million copies worldwide


Paradox interactive , developed by one of the greatest strategy games hearts of iron IVmanaged to sell one million copies worldwide.

Paradox has an important place in Strategy Games

Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV Paradox strategy games like the popular million before reaching a threshold, obtained with hearts of iron IV with the success of selling a million copies around the world once again proves its dominance in the market for Strategy Games.

As you know, hearts of iron IV players, historical events, exploring alternative possibilities when they occur in and offer you the opportunity to preview the historical flow. Of course, this broad fronts, various operations, war planning on a powerful and flexible system that allows you to control air and sea depending on makes.

Hearts of iron IV, also success, selling a million copies and to celebrate the second anniversary, of the power the factory designed a special package for collectors and new players in a special historical toraman introduced. Hearts of iron IV Anniversary Edition historical diorama within the package, the man with the guns the basic package and will host an additional game.