Have you wondered how it looks like Counter Strike with VR?


Youtube yayincisI Crowbcattime-honoured, raised a generation and that continues to improve the legendary game Counter Strike’S, VR version with what looks like a pretty good video about shared. Publisher, Counter Strike video in VR in order to provide perspective, Pavlov and H3VR used.

What would it be like if you had the VR version of Counter Strike?

Counter Strike VR experience you are about to see more from the video does not contain. Moreover, Pavlov and H3VR players you can play with while Counter Strike fan yet for the VR mode or Remake’does not exist. Well, what would it be like if we could play Counter Strike with VR?

First, the publisher’s share is close to the video provided, new possibilities would arise. For example, players could change the sensitivity according to the degree of the gun grip of a gun. Grenades from enemies would have a chance to pick up and throw it again. At the same time and the two sides may interfere with a witness to a knife fight could be legendary. Hopefully Valve is on the agenda of such a project in the future, and VR on us the privilege of living conducive to a game like the legend of Counter Strike.

Share crowbcat the video can be found below.