Harry Potter game for mobile has arrived!


Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry-oriented game, the time before Harry Potter. RPG game offered to users as adventure time, your gaming pleasure will double it looks like. Hogwarts Castle explore and investigate the ancient mysteries related to it has seen that room.

In the game ,Professor Dumbledore, Snape , and there are other names in the series. You can duel against competitors with your new friends and establish alliances. The game, like Gryffindor or Slytherin to pick up the parts offer.

Harry Potter mobile game features

Harry Potter mobile game is, for us, spells and Potions offers the ability to. Business when that happens, the magic need to attend classes to learn skills. As you take courses, also your character continues to evolve. However, the new characters, spells, and Potions you will be able to unlock the mystery of a place.

The player will be able to customize his avatar. Custom avatar using your magic skills, you can explore the mysteries of Hogwarts. Apart from this, a brand-new story cursed in enclosures and investigate the mysterious truth behind his brother’s disappearance you will be able to.

Harry Potter mobile game download

To download Harry Potter mobile game is free in-game purchases. However, the game Android is available in the store. In later times iOS .

Google Play Store link click for download.

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