Happy official star wars Day celebrated all over the world


A special place among science fiction and fantasy films in the Star Wars series, the movie has become one of probably the maximum revenue to the producer brands. The last Jedi Star Wars reaching a record number of audience in the film itself, especially the old trilogy it was enthroned in the hearts of his fans with the first film. Between Star Wars fans held a special event today. Each year the fourth day of the month of May, the day proclaimed as Star Wars fans, as they’re watching the Star Wars movies marathon today. If you are a fan of Star Wars, we know you’re excited for today. So…may the force be with you

Happy Star Wars day

What is Star Wars day?

Star Wars fans to commemorate Star Wars film culture and unofficially declared a holiday that day. May 4, has become a phenomenon in the movie, “may the force be with you. – May the force be with you.” hence the pun on the pronunciation of the line (May the fourth be with you) Star Wars day. (Also known as Luke Skywalker day).