Han Solo Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the season that is coming very soon


Star Wars Battlefront 2 developers EA DICE and Electronic Artsrecently for the game Han Solo season is launching. The developer solo: the story of a Star Wars Battlefront 2 vision before entering PS4, Xbox One and PC is preparing for the season to add new content to the game with Han Solo.

Battlefront 2 is coming to jabba’s Palace

EA DICEjust Han Solo season is scheduled to publish in two parts. So the first leg of the season on May 16 will begin next week. First of dice, Battlefront Star Wars in jabba’s Palace map Battlefront 2 For, while, map Blast, Heroes vs Villains Han Solo, and who is to come with the new season Showdown Hero will offer you the chance to select modes.

Showdown Hero mode, just the heroes vs Villains mode, such as two-on-two battles will be based on. Two rounds to be played in game, if you make it through the first round of the new characters and allows you to choose two factors allow the use of tactical and intelligence about it.

The developer return of the Jedi movie in the opening scene of the game also adds to the views of some. Lando calrissian’s Skill Guard and Princess Leia for Boushh’s outfit will be added. These clothes in-game credits can be purchased at the same time while night pre-Endor update that come with the Crystals can be obtained.

Also the game player upon request from a custom starfighter Arcade mode will also be included. Thus, the Starfighter you develop your skills in the cockpit when the Rebellion x-wing’s a pain in the ass it can be, or the Millenium Falcon with starfighter you will be able to leave in the lurch.

Finally, the Han Solo season, second-feet in the month of June will be dealing with more content.