Half-horror and detective theme, the piano is coming in June


Mistaken Visions developed by the Noir effect that contains elements of psychological horror for the piano, on June 4, Steamtakes place in.

The streets of Paris, in pursuit of mysterious murders

Visions mistaken by the piano, half-fear, half story-driven and semi-known detective as a game. The restless air to the developer within the game percinleyeb were studied for five years on this construction, he says.

The last story in the aftermath of the Great War, the Son of a French father and an American mother, pianist John Barrera as the main character in the game is placed. George, Louis and Valentine is named the well-known pianist and three brothers, John, lives in their shadow for a long time. Then, the three brother’s murder as a result of our main character, John Barrera is accused of. Look for answers to what happened to John of Paris, wandering the streets alone in the middle of a witch hunt of all finds.

The developer is mistaken for Visions, actually was planning to launch on May 24 in the game, but unforeseen technical problems, caused 4 June to postpone the date of the game. Steam the game will take place on the platform for $ 9.99 that will be available with a price tag of noted.