Guillermo del Toro getting ready to pull an array of fear for Netflix


At the Academy Awards last Shape Of Water (sound of water) with the best director award – winners, the familiar name of the game world, Guillermo del Toro, Netflix for a sequence of fear is preparing to shoot. 10 after midnight called, horror, anthology Publication Date and part number of the type of the directory have not yet been disclosed.

Comes a new horror series from Guillermo del Toro

10 horror series called the producer of after midnight, who served water, producing a shape also J. Miles Dale will assume. The various sections of the array, Guillermo del Toro writing and directing will do. Previously del Toro Trollhunters projects in Netflix worked with. This new horror project this collaboration will continue with what it looks like. Guillermo del Toro, a director who frequently uses in films especially horror and fantasy elements. Previously, hideo Kojima with silent hills horror game for a short time who found a chance to work together in the project, del Toro is a name that we can say that the horror genre is well aware of. 10 yet undisclosed release date, after midnight, we’ll have to wait and see How would be making.