GTA: Online race events started their private vehicle


A few months ago, special tools added to the game, Grand Theft Auto: Online‘s gameplay quite a bit had changed. Jetpack with the fly and that can go under water vehicles, Heist Doomsday‘s he had managed to be the center of attention. These vehicles are still learning the ways acclimation while playing the game for a long time. Players have to get used to the tools Rockstar custom races that has been added heard.

Prepare your jet engines

On land, in air and under water that can go of mynet and Ocelot Stromberg, along with the update available for sale. Players use this important tool to have become one of the favorite tools too much. My situation this week, Rockstar noticed they had a”special Vehicle Circuit Races” with their experiences of a different race will offer to players. Of course, if it is based on the type of vehicle, how it is very clear to the players that will be presented on the trail. Deluxe races both on land and in the air, while Stromberg will change between races, with the bottom of the sea.

7 may continue until the date of this event, the players Double GTA$ and RP will earn. At the same time Runner 2000, Deluxe, Stromberg, Aqua Blazer and Thruster with tools such as a 25% discount offer.