GTA 5 sales in spite of all the years, doesn’t know when to stop


Which is the best-selling game of the past console generation GTA 5, is ranked among the best-selling productions in the current console generation. The entertainment industry the past decade in the history of the construction, which has become the best-selling GTA 5, this time he runs a new record in terms of sales. Even surpasses the game by foregoing the sales of 95 million. 100 million , which is quite close to the amount of sales GTA 5probably this record of Rockstar Games will not be broken until we make it better. Especially GTA Online with Rockstar Games who earn a great income, caused this game to be kept alive for a long time.

GTA 5 Sales approached 100 million

GTA Online micro fill the coffers with money earned from payments owned by take two and Rockstar Games‘in the online modes of GTA 5 would be supported for a longer time that I could imagine. The developers currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2, a similar online mode, GTA 5 will do for you. In GTA 5 When we got to the end of the crown of this kingdom, which we’re excited to take over the game.