Griezmann made the Europa League final goal celebration in fortnite


Played last night in the UEFA Champions League final match, the team Atletico Madrid for first goal scorer Antoine Griezmann, fortnite from the strange Lake experienced the joy of that were inspired through dance.

Antoine griezmann goal celebration from fortnite

Which has become one of the most played online games in recent years, and even from time to time, by defeating their opponents in terms of instant play the number of players settled in the first place, the ceiling looks like a battle Royal game fortnite in recent months did the popularity of. Fortnite turned out to be a enthusiast of famous people. Publisher Ninja famous thanks to the singer Drake‘s Fortnite we found out she was also a player. Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois’ recently was caught in the camera while wearing a glove themed Fortnite.

Fortnite is using Chelsea’s goalkeeper goalkeeper gloves embroidered

Apparently, the craze to the world of sports is reflected Fortnite is the case. Played yesterday against Atletico Madrid and Marseille 3-0 in the cup with net score as the game Antoine griezmann who scored the first touchdown goes to that goal celebrated with a dance the joy of fortnite. Fortnite “take the L” the same amount of joy, quite successfully griezmann exhibits, Fortnite has been a matter of whether or not a player is. Griezmann had the joy to last the same goals in the month of April.

The round of 32 ??
Round of 16 ??
Quarter finals ??
The semi finals ??
Final ??

Antoine Griezmann has occurred in every knockout round in the Europa League this year ??

— Ten BT sport Football (@BT sport Football) 16 May 2018