Good news! Turkish Rainbow Six Siege is happening!


According to the announcement, Turkey’s special events for Ubisoft games for localization studies, and much more. Their participation in fairs held in our country as the company that provides the gist of the game, he took the case a step further this partnership.

This ensures the Democratic legitimacy of the game completely Contents: 3. year 2. Together with the output of the OP of the season bellum money, Rainbow Six Siege in-store and digital media in completely Turkish as the language for all texts can be purchased. This translation of the entire menu, options, operator, equipment, and will also include user interfaces such as map selection. Rainbow Six siege for existing owners of this at the same time language option 3. Year 2. Bellum money will be available at the release of the OP of the season.

Turkish competitive E-sport growth : Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege official in Turkey is developing plans for the tournament, and these developments Turkish League competition and will provide the opportunity to participate in the tournament to the gaming community.

Diameter retail introductory activity: from May 1 until July 14 Ubisoft, sales promotions and through selected retailers with gifts to all the major retailers will support this leap.

·Improved community interaction: Ubisoft, the gaming community will continue to regularly interact with existing Turkish and updates on social media platforms and through gifts they’ll be focusing on the Rainbow Six fans.

Rainbow Six Siege Effectiveness: in the aftermath of this month, Turkey, some of the most recognized people in the game world, and the Turkish version of Rainbow Six fans of the game will enjoy early access to siege excitement, suspense, laughter, and its fan base through social media, live events will be able to watch a full evening!

Siege Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six brand Director Alexandre in Turkey, responding to comments made about Remy said, “speaking on behalf of the entire team, we are very pleased with the interest of the Turkish players in our game. About Rainbow Six they possess the loyalty, passion and enthusiasm we value this very much and we’re really happy to be able to show our gratitude to yerellestirere important game elements. As we said before, the players are the most valuable element of the siege Rainbow Six, and therefore we will always strive to make the player experience as perfect as you can. ”

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