Gone are the days the developer is working on a new game


PlayStation 4‘e specially developed days or information about new video production company Sony’s bend Studio is not shared by the wing or PlayStation from in a long time. Days gone but a rumor that Sony Bend Studios, the team that has developed exclusive to the PlayStation 4 It’s not the only game.

Team days gone exclusive PS4′ more of a game developing.

Previously, Syphon Filter makes it a classic like PlayStation, uncharted: Golden abyss put on things like signature, exclusive to PlayStation finally game days-gone-enhancing, the only game that Sony’s bend Studio is currently working on, the day’s Gone may not be. The wing led to the emergence of an open job posting that rumor from Sony. A popup ad according to, a secret project for Sony’s bend Studio is looking for a programmer. Confirmation or denial yet on the subject.

Gone are the days of Sony’s bend Studio working on but was not yet given a Release date for the game in the year 2018 to exit is not expected. Gone are the days of E3 2017 published in the video you can see below.