Gone are the days of the release date, and it was announced that he would be with Turkish subtitles


First E3 2016 announced at the fair days gone came and good news for the release date of the game have been revealed. The announcement over 2 years in the last game, which was announced to be shown at the fair will be held next week at E3 2018. Here’s just a few days E3 Expo, Sony announced the release date of the game with a description of made by.

Days are Gone, comes with Turkish subtitles

22 February 2019 with the release date as explained in a new video released. Playstation Turkey along with the release date announcement from the team this game with Turkish Subtitle along with the option would be announced. In this video explanation of the game made as follows; to manage the former outlaw biker deacon St. John: a drifter, a bounty hunter of humanity, the traveler works. A ruined world in the aftermath of a global epidemic in St. John, the last survivors of humanity, it was founded in the unemployed and by ‘safe’ you want to try your luck on the broken roads out of the camp.