God of war, why can’t the players there are some regions where


God of war came out, playing the game played. Scores pretty high in the air flew. Well, the story of God of war, is supported with side stories. In the game cannot be entered , but the fields that appear on the Map in the future, a future DLC to you is pointing. The answer to this question is the game Director Cory Barlog replied.

God of war is coming to DLC

We know with the new God of war game God of war style quite out of Santa Monica, the series from the beginning, taking you actually took a risk. However, this risk in exchange for garnering the admiration of pretty good players into a game by signing a construction was able to reveal. The semi-open world of Kratos and his son Atreus‘ when we went from land to land, this unique adventure in front of us fairly a large map it was with Santa Monica. However the thing that attracts the attention of gamers who are playing the game, some of the areas found in the game into entered. At the entrance to this area, by checking that the player is denied access to this area by Odin were prevented from entering these areas. This topic is the Director of the play asked. Cory Barlog of these areas of the game that has nothing to do with the integrity of the story, this situation in the future, a future DLC, that did not sign indicated. Apparently penetrable areas, will continue to maintain the mystery