God of war, succeeded in the viewership twitch


April 20, against the players on the new God of war game, thanks to the dynamics of gameplay and story, the players managed to impress. Kratos Anvil the leading developers of Mythology, quite succeeded in creating a majestic atmosphere. New God of war Twitch of attracting the attention of publishers so, in twitch broke viewing records. More competitive, which has included broadcasts of the games publishers, not God of war es. 19.9 million for the month of April with the first monitoring of the first 10% God of war when we look at the competitors for entering, we see that all of them are online based. GTA 5 online mode who played the publishers, they don’t play much story mode because the game is old.

God of War, watched most of the games took place between twitch

The way to the most-watched games:

– Fortnite – 126.1 million
– League of Legends 73.8 million
– BATTLEGROUNDS playerunknown’s 49.1 million
– Hearthstone 42.8 million
– Dota 2 40.0 21.3 million M
– Overwatch 31.5 million
Counter – Strike: Global Offensive 22.7 million
– God of war 19.9 million
– World Of Warcraft 12.2 million
– Grand Theft Auto V 9.7 million

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