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In the era of the blockbuster PS2 and PS3 God of war series, Spartan commander with Kratos‘story was telling us. Betrayed by Ares and revenge in pursuit Kratos, who is this giant of a revenge story Pantheon‘s tearing, and the world he was leaving when he was on the verge of Chaos and destruction.

Gov 2018 our video review you can watch below now. A nice watch!

An unknown period of time at the end of this Barrel mythology with are re-emerging. Son of Atreus with the ashes of his dead wife, begins his journey to the highest mountain. What we see Kratos for the first time as the father figure, The weight of his past throughout the game it feels on your shoulders and it also do not hesitate to reflect his son.

A Father-Son relationship in all aspects of God of war, manages to tell us a great story in all the UPS and downs. The duo’s character development are given in a clear way when a recurring story never locks the screen. On the one hand, his only concern is to reach a child with his father, on the other hand, the nature of a father who hates itself. This is the great conflict of the game and the persuasiveness draws to the level of the vertex.

Gameplay and graphics

On the gameplay front, we say forget the old productions already. Last year Action/RPG trend, which is the dark souls mechanics, Santa Monica’s new game also it affects to a certain extent. Leviathan the axe starting the game with Kratos, he fights using this axe, and solve the puzzles that comes along. Away, where you can call back with a very special axe Axe Leviathan, developed special abilities and much more can earn.

God of war until 2018 in a game that manages to be completely renovated. Long awaited new GoW, both with gameplay and story managed to impress us. For the first time beyond but all these open world structure a god of war game we have played. Side quests, treasure hunting, and Collectibles by your game time is considerably longer. Regardless of any of that if you want, you can go through just the story.

You need to open the parentheses in the chart. Pro a resolution on PS4, the performance you can choose between both. Playing the game in 1080p with high fps in a performance setting, and you play the game with 4K resolution option, but it drops to 30 fps. While each option has its advantages, overall I can say that the greatest display of the game is the game PS4.

Pros and cons of God of war

– Amazing storytelling

– Gorgeous graphics

– A new game really manages to be

– Kratos and the relationship of Atreus

– Resolution issues experienced in fps mode


:: The PS4 GOW will be the best game in history in your opinion?

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