God of war, managed to outpace sales of 5 million


Last month, which hit the shelves in April 2018 20 God of war, both achieved success and received praise from almost everyone who plays with a great story and gameplay. This praise is reflected in the sales figures and success of the game apparently is the case. Because God of war‘s are indicated on the left of the 5 million Sales figure.

The sales of Sony’s God of war laughing face

In fact, these sales figures we can say that it went as expected. Because God of war is currently both the general consensus, both in terms of grade point averages for the PlayStation 4. It is the best game. Just exit the game after 1 week already and she managed to reach 3.1 million from sales of console games was one of the fastest selling.

The output passed the threshold of 5 million, it was stated that via the last game 1 month. So, during 3 weeks in between God of war, we can say that it has managed to sell more than 1.9 million. Probably the game’s sales figures will increase further in the coming period. It is one of the most important games of the console Uncharted 4, had managed to sell 8.7 million units in total. Horizon zero: Dawn‘s sales figures 7.6 million.