God of war got a great discount!


Game prices were discussed during this period, fortunately, the discount news keep coming. Abroad this is happening too often in our country we are witnessing on the sale of games and consoles entered important. Indeed, recently published an article that was in the game and we talked about the importance of the discount period, we have mentioned prices. This is one of the discount period, the PlayStation was made for consoles and games.

Have great discounts on PlayStation 4 games

Playstation made by “days ” Play” discount packs for big discounts in games both console are both important in the campaign. 299 GBP which is for example God of waron PlayStation Store, and the stores at TL 149 TL 249, respectively. So, offers discounts on both digital and boxed games. Still a real discount, of course, is done in the digital stores, I must say. June 18, until entering games and discount prices follows;

PlayStation Store Discounts

– God of war – reduced to 149 TL 299 TL
– Call Of Duty: WWII – 254 is reduced to TL 149 TL
– Gran Turismo Sport – is reduced to 219 TL 59 TL
– Shadow of the Colossus – 119 is reduced to TL 59 TL

In-Store Discounts

– God of war – £ 249
– Uncharted 4 – 99 TL
– Uncharted: the lost Legacy – 99 TL
– GT Sports 99 TL
– Custom case PlayStation 4 + 2. Dualshock – TL 1.749
– PS VR + VR World PS + PS Camera + Arizona Sunshine – 1.499 TL
– DualShock 4 – 219 GBP
– 12 month PS Plus – TL 125.99