Games that will be released this week (28 May – 3 June 2018)


E3 2018 fair and we come into the summer months along with a noticeable dilution in the output of the game. Despite this, when we look at this week’s list, it really has one of the most crowded lists of recent times.

Which games will be released this week?

The majority of this list, Switch the Nintendo games stuffed. We should say that especially from the side of the console is an incredible independent interest. No doubt the most important game of the week if it’s Agony. Turkish announced that it will last in hell and Agony , except Metal Slug XX, Owlboy , and the old man’s journey among the highlights of the list are games also. Of course, the 30th anniversary collection Street Fighter not to mention version. The full list goes something like this;

Tuesday, May 29th

Agony — PS4, PC
Along Together PS VR
Bird cages — PS4, Xbox One
Black hat Cooperative — PS VR
Valhalla Die For! — PS4 Switch
The fallen Legion: rise to glory — Switch
Harvest moon: light of Hope — PS4 Switch
The journey Down: Chapter One — PS4
Ikaruga Based — Switch
Kabounce — PS4, PC
Knights of pen and paper +1 Deluxe Edition — PS4 Switch
Legend of Kay Anniversary — Switch
Metal Slug XX — PS4
Moonlighter — PS4, Xbox One, PC
No heroes Here — PS4
Oh…Secret! The Hollywood Roast — PS4
Old man’s Journey — PS4
Owlboy — PS4
The perfect sniper — ps VR
Sega Genesis Classics — PS4, Xbox One
Quantum Shift — PS4 Switch
30th anniversary collection Street Fighter — PS4, Xbox one, switch
To the top — PS VR
Wraith — PS VR
Yoku’s Island Express — PS4, Xbox one, switch

Wednesday May 30th

Stay — Xbox One
Valhalla For Die — Xbox One
Fox n Forests — Xbox One
Knights of pen and paper +1 Deluxe Edition — Xbox One
The Journey Down: Chapter One — Xbox One
Zamb! Redux — Xbox One

Thursday 31st May

Ninja combat Neo Geo ACA — Switch
Defoliation — Switch
Dragon Lapis — Switch
Kintaro gekido’s Revenge — PS4
ICEY — Switch
Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja arcade Johnny’s turbo — Switch
Just Shapes & Beats — Switch
Lost Sea — Switch
Masked Forces — Wii U
Mila Noir — PS4, Xbox One, PC
Personality psychology Premium — PS4
Plus Pirate Pop — Switch
Quad Fighter K — Switch
Smoke and Sacrifice— Switch
West’s Loathing— Switch

Friday June 1

Earth Atlantis — PS4, Xbox One
Illusion: A Tale of the mind — PS4
Lightspeed: Double Speed Edition — Xbox One
Mining Rail — Xbox One
Oh…Secret! The Hollywood Roast — Xbox One