Gameplay trailer released action game Atomic Heart


Game developer Mudfish‘s new action FPS game Atomic Heart‘s gameplay footage released a promotional trailer.

Atom Heart has released gameplay footage

Atomic Heart in an alternate universe with the Soviet Union we’re going. The first trailer for the game that shared quite extraordinary art design attracts attention with its in – game footage included. The graphics looked pretty good, atomic images of heart for the game, to the PC platform, it should be said that belongs. The fantastic world with the Bioshock and Fallout games, reminiscent of Atom Heart, I can say that game is pretty bloody. In the game, p-3 name of the special agent of our controls will be given. I will try to figure out what went wrong with a robot in a factory, robots out of control we will fight. Agent p-3 can carry a variety of weapons, these weapons you will be able to develop different types and with different equipment. In this trailer the development of the weapon from the screen a short section is shown.

The process of making the game has not yet been concluded. Yet that information is not shared in Release date, step into the territory of the Soviet Union in an alternative universe, we take the atomic Heart; PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will be released. You can watch the trailer below Atomic Heart.