Game on Lenovo, Vodafone has opened its doors to the public in the park


Lenovo’s Besiktas JK with life and the world in a sports complex is conveniently located within a first real comprehensive gaming space ‘game on Lenovo’ opened its doors. Park Vodafonein Lenovo game on, game lovers 40 different augmented reality game-based applications offers a whole new experience.

Lenovo has opened its doors to the public on game

Located in one of the most central locations in Istanbul on Lenovo gameplaying who love to play all young adults, both in the area of 1,000 square meters, able to play in a safe and comfortable environment. Race him and abilities will be able to join tournaments in the area.

Lenovo on game daily 12:00-24:00 between will be open. The trademark Legion in age of Empires computer game, Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, origins and including 40 WWII able to play in the game.

Lenovo game ona arrivals expect other surprises. Lenovo’s Challenges the Jedi AR (augmented reality – augmented reality-based application, is available for sale to specially place before visitors ‘ experience is presented. Lenovo game onJedi in 3 separate challenges.

Game lovers, game Lenovo onMicrosoft’s Xbox game console will have the opportunity to play with. 200 square meters The size of the Xbox console, I have designed more than 20 of experience in the field, and Lenovo are at the front of the game console the Xbox the latest games with visitors to the world’s most powerful One X will be able to play as true 4K.

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