“Game of Thrones” interfere with the image that contains a spoiler for the players


7 published in the past year. with the season answering many questions but also raised new questions that has “game of Thrones”‘s 8.the production phase of the season have passed, as you know. Naturally, some of the images that belong to the array as the set came from the back of the little information at the time started running. The secret about the scenario, who won’t give up HBO with the channel looks like a possible spoiler, so it looks like the contents of the sewer prevented this pleasure.

“Game of Thrones” released the Visual to the player deleted

Firstly, the continuation of the story runner who doesn’t watch the last season of the series will be my pleasure to our followers. Of the array 7. the season for a long time circulating in the theory R + L = J confirmed the incident. So , Jon snow‘s rhaegar targaryen and Lyanna Starkis the Son of learned that. Apparently in the last season will be present in any other scenes like that.

In the series rhaegar targaryen , who plays Wilf Scolding, own Instagram account through a visual shared. In this image the player from Belfast, situated in front of the hotel named Europa. So far, so normal, though “game of Thrones” shots of Belfastcan be made if we say that I think the situation will be understood more clearly. So rhaegar targaryen of the series 8. we can say that will confront us in the season as flashbacks.

Of course, the sharing of these images, a short period of time after the intervention that will come Scolding LFS, posted by, this image has been removed. HBO is pretty strict about the scenario, although a few details to be leaked before the new season looks like it will continue.

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