Frostpunk review of the scores is quite high as expected


Frostpunk quietly and recently has completed the construction phase officially out. The point of what makes this game so important behind 11-bit studios take place. Recently developed the enamel of this war along with the war into one of the most striking of games new game signing and in the event that the company’s looking out a different window Frostpunk‘expectations naturally tan was upstairs. Meets expectations shows that the points for the game.

Frostpunk examination scores released

In a future dystopic, steam-punk style theme, offering us Frostpunk‘ta our goal is to still manage to keep people alive. Strategy and survival-type game again, the theme of the enamel of this war‘contains a similar dynamics. Our review about the game outside of the meta Score is currently 87 some content in the coming days. Developed by 11 bit studios Frostpunk‘s review scores are as follows;

Strategy Gamer – 100

Softpedia – 95

IGN – 90

Gamespot – 90

Eurogamer – 90

PC Gamer – 89

Game Informer – 88

Invasion of PC – 80

Slant Magazine – 70