Friday the 13th: the game graphics COMPARISON VIDEO was released


Media day and the class is the result of the joint work resulting from the Unreal Engine by using the engine developed, survival – horror type game , Friday the 13th: the game graphics COMPARISON VIDEO released.

Compared to the difference between old and new graphics

The developer of the iPhonegame, would receive a graphics upgrade in the next update, he said. The team who wants to showcase these upgrades for the game a chart that shows the difference between the old and new graphics COMPARISON VIDEO released. Frankly, when you look through the game’s graphics, except that the new version is darker than the rest of our eyes, a sharp difference has remained the same.

As you know, our goal in the game, Jason when you’re playing as the Counselor‘s capture, while the Counselor to be able to get away from Jason as if we’re playing on are installed. According to the gameplay, the Counselor has positive and negative aspects of their own and Jason’s characters, and by using these features we achieve our purpose, we are trying to the right way. In addition, the game we can increase this chance with various settings that determine which side to be on. No matter which side, you can accomplish your goal by applying the particular strategies within the game.

Finally if you want to graphics COMPARISON VIDEO review can be found below.