Free Xbox games list for the month of June revealed


Xbox owners can receive free games, where games with Gold games have been announced for June 2018. Every month like games with Gold under Xbox LIVE is a free game to players who subscribe to the service, which Microsoft, announced their game of the month of June. Xbox One or the Xbox One X if you are the owner of the system thanks to backwards compatibility, for free Xbox 360 games where you can play your games in this system are too good to be very ambitious.

Which are free games on Xbox this month?

When we look at the games the month of June, we see that it is a bit dull compared to the past months. Issued last month, especially MGS v: The Phantom pain after it decreased a little on the fence. When we look at the games the month of June, the first noticeable game Assassin’s Creed: Russia is dying. Side AC which is one of the games of the series: Russia on the one side outside of the Xbox type moba Smite‘have been given a place. When we look at the Xbox 360, Sonic stars racing and LEGO Indiana Jones games. The normal prices of games and they are free as the date;